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Why Caring as a Support Worker is Key to Your Success

April 20, 2020

People who need services from the aged care sector have never been in a better position. Things have changed with clients now having a budget with choice on how the money is spent, and with which provider. Because of this, it is no surprise that providers of aged care and disability services have developed sophisticated and well-resourced marketing departments, and a strong customer focus program, to attract as much business from the industry by appealing to clients for their service needs with quality care. What are some of the drivers of this change?


The Baby Boomer Bubble

Born after World War II between 1945 and 1964 they are now the core demographic where services from aged care providers and disability providers will be needed for the next 20 to 30 years. The characteristics of this cohort are unique. They are independent, well educated, demanding and well informed of their rights. Understanding them better is key to accommodating their needs and being flexible and respectful with a strong service ethic.



Consumer Directed Care is Here!

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is at the core of how service is delivered and how it is funded. The idea is that the client needing the services has more power and influence on the service choices, when, where and who they are delivered by. This will mean that service providers will need to compete with other providers, by offering a higher level of quality and value in their services, and be able to convince the person receiving support that they are the best match for them. This is where everyone in an organisation needs to do their part to make the client the focus of any program or support plan.



Competition Representing an Opportunity

With the Consumer Directed Care model and funding both from Government and private in the sector, the aged care sector is well positioned to provide opportunity for professional operators. Baby Boomers will spend money on Aged Care and Home Care services, as they have access to the funding from government programs, but also have an expectation of well qualified support workers to assist them. Completing the Certificate III in Individual Support provides the basis for being competent in the industry.



Better Days Ahead

As the industry repositions itself to work with the changes that Consumer Directed Care and the NDIS bring, those organisations who can reinvent themselves will be ready to operate successfully in this new environment. Their ability to provide well trained and efficient staff at all levels will assist its workforce to make better decisions, consolidate best practice and ultimately support the most vulnerable people in our society in the most honourable way.