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Skill Sets


Auctus Training and Education is partnered with NDIS and Aged Care providers who are invested in attracting new workers to the care sector.

Why not try a skillset to jumpstart your opportunities for employment in one of the fastest growing sectors in the country?


CHCSS00129 Individual Support - Ageing Skill Set

This Ageing skill set is a specialized program that encompasses the essential skills required to provide person-centred support to older individuals in diverse care settings. The course covers a wide range of topics, including understanding the unique needs of older individuals, implementing person-centred care plans, promoting independence and wellbeing, and effectively managing age-related conditions.



CHCAGE011 Provide support to people living with dementia

CHCAGE013 Work effectively in aged care

CHCCCS038 Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support

CHCCCS031 Provide individualised support

CHCPAL003 Deliver care services using a palliative approach


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CHCSS00070 Assist Clients with Medication Skill Set

This skill set has been endorsed by industry as suitable for individuals who hold a qualification at Certificate III level or higher in an area involving provision of direct client care or support.


Support of an employer is required to successfully complete the assessment criteria of this Skill Set.



HLTAAP001 Recognise healthy body systems

HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication



CHCSS00130 - Individual Support - Disability Skill Set

This skill set demonstrates the requirements for providing person centered support to people living with a disability in different environments.



CHCCCS038 Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support

CHCDIS011 Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach

CHCDIS012 Support community participation and social inclusion

CHCDIS020 Work effectively in disability support



CHCSS00114 - Entry into Care Roles Skill Set

This skill set demonstrates the skills and knowledge needed to provide entry level support for basic client care for a variety of roles required within the aged care and disability support industries.



CHCCCS015 Provide individualised support

HLTINF006 Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control

HLTWHS002 Follow safe work practices for direct client care



TAESS00028 Work Skill Instructor Skill Set

This skill set provides the necessary skills and knowledge for people training under supervision in the VET sector, who work mainly in classroom situations.



TAEDEL311 Provide work skill instruction

TAEPDD401 Work effectively in the VET sector



BSBSS00102 - Micro Business Skill Set

This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge to investigate and plan a micro business for a range of purposes required within or external to an organisation.



BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities

BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans


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