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Congratulations! This is your chance to shine

You have been asked to give a presentation at work or deliver a group training. If you are like most people, you probably do not like presenting very much. All it takes is a little preparation, some practice, and a winning mindset.

Three simple tips you can use to overcome your nerves. Know that you were asked to present, because you CAN do it! you wouldn’t have been asked otherwise.

No one really likes presenting. Some of the best, most well known trainers and speakers have admitted to this. When you look out at your audience, know that you're always in good company. Remember 10% of what actually comes out of your mouth is only a what gets communicated. which leaves 90% to non-verbals. (if your body language, expression and gestures communicate confidence, you will come across as confident.)

So, how do you create this confidence?

  • Being prepared
  • Practicing
  • Having identified beforehand instant solutions for de-stressing and being confident.

“If you think you can, you can!”

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