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The course has armed me with invaluable knowledge and tools that I will utilise when delivering training

After considering a selection of RTOs to attain my 'Certificate IV in Training and Assessment', I was extremely happy that I selected Auctus with Sam Donato as the training facilitator. Sam's facilitating style was exceptional, as he was able to identify the appropriate learning style of each course participant and apply accordingly. Sam was awesome, combining a mix of theory and practical aspects, which we could relate to in our respective workplaces.

The course has armed me with invaluable knowledge and tools that I will utilise when delivering training and coaching courses within ANZ. Thank you Sam, I will have no hesitation in recommending Auctus to colleagues and friends.

Pompea, TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Adelaide


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The training was engaging and interesting

Here is my feedback regarding the AUCTUS program! :)

I think the program was really beneficial to prepare me in getting into the work force. I learned a lot of skills and it has allowed me to focus on being self aware in a professional manner. The training was engaging and interesting, and the trainer, Sam, had a way of making me feel very comfortable to participate in discussions. The program has made starting my traineeship easier as I have completed some units in a much shorter amount of time, and I can refer to the things I have been taught when a problem or conflict arises.

Caitlin, WorkReady program- BSB30115 Certificate III Business

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I have found the crew at Auctus excellent and very helpful

I was retrenched from the mines and referred to Auctus training by a good friend who I met Sam Donato, Rosemary and Galina who have been fantastic . I am currently studying cert 4 in training and assessment and currently about to enrol work health and safety cert 4.

I have found the crew at Auctus excellent and very helpful the definitely make it a painless process if you need to up skill Sam, Rosemary and Galina are the people I would thoroughly recommend to make difference.

Richard, TAE40110 Certificate IV in TAE and BSB41415 Certificate IV in WHS

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A brilliant course

As usual a brilliant course – I learnt so many things that are relevant to my role as a service manager and I have used these learning to do my job better. Thank you so much!!

Danielle, BSB51107 Diploma of Management

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Appreciate all your support

Thanks a lot for sharing your insights about my career progression. Appreciate all your support.

You are one of the best Trainers I have come across, which has made me set high standards for myself. I am glad I choose to invest & train with Auctus. :)

Cynthia, TAE40110 Certificate IV in TAE

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The training was not just enjoyable and doable but also very relevant

It was great working with Auctus. You have been very accommodating and the training was not just enjoyable and doable but also very relevant. I actually used some of the principles with my students. So this was more than just a required qualification. It was learning I was able to use immediately. I'm glad I didn't opt for RPL...... thanks! I'll be recommending Auctus. :)

Ella, TAELLN401A

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Someone who is ready to fly

“Believe that you can do, plan for every week, use opportunities, do your best, be like a flower with different color in a garden, don’t be shy…ask questions, knock at any door…someone will open it, believe in yourself and see your dreams like they are real today, smile every day morning to your beautiful life and new opportunity to deal with…Today is the best to do my best, share your happiness and knowledge with others… then it will be double.”

I believe that even one sentence is enough for someone who is ready to fly….

Sam….you really helped me in this way although that was just an hour but I heard what you were going to tell me.

Hoda, Mentee

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You will learn heaps and never feel like you are alone

It was such an honour to be asked by Sam to write of my experience regarding the Certificate IV in 'Front Line Management'.

I have a slight dyslexic problem which makes it hard for me to put things on paper and put it all together. I remember contacting Sam and telling him everything was a muddle with the papers that I had to finish – I didn't know where to start.

Immediately, Sam set a time to meet with me at my office. I was embarrassed because of the mess, but this left as Sam sorted it and wrote down what I was to do in order. He also said that he would help me further if I needed it. This for me was so incredible and very encouraging, and my confidence grew.

To all those out there who struggle but would like to learn more and move forward, don't let anything stop you! This Certificate IV is fantastic - you will learn heaps and never feel like you are alone. The support along the way is always there. Your confidence will grow, and the ability to apply it to your work and life is very practical.

If you're anything like me, when you graduate you will feel a great sense of achievement knowing that (a) you passed and (b) this will help you in your life skills and work place, or enable you to get employment.

Thanks, Sam, for being a master teacher and a man of compassion.

Sandy, BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

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Understanding, help, persistence, guidance and follow up

I was recommended to Sam from Auctus Consulting by a Safety officer who had completed a OHW&S course with Sam.

The courses I have completed under Sam’s tuition are Certificate 4 T&A (Training & Assessment), Certificate 4 OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety), LLN (Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills).

Sam was well up with industry requirements and direction, the format he used in his presentations was up to date and varied in delivery practice. Sam would be keen for group involvement and was not phased if the group deviated from his original pathway of delivery, he used these deviations to his advantage in answering the groups questions and bringing the delivery back on path – this showed the group that Sam was adjustable and not rigid not like some assessors I have had to study under.

After completion of the two Certificate 4 courses and some months later I was excepted for a phone interview for a TAFE Lecturers position, I contacted Sam and explained I had a phone interview coming up within days and wondered if he would be available to sit down and do a short refresher on questions I had in regards to T&A, to which Sam replied he would be happy to do.

I was successful at the interview I will now be starting a new career moving into Training and Assessment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam as an Trainer / Assessor, if it hadn’t been for his understanding, help, persistence, guidance and follow ups I would not be looking at this new career path.

Jeff, TAE40110 Certificate IV in TAE and BSB41415 Certificate IV in WHS

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