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Coaching vs Mentoring

Growing …….. Is easy once you know what to do and then you do what is needed.


What comes with all of this is our own growth and satisfaction.


Getting to that place can seem more complicated than it is or may never seem within reach. This is often because there are many aspects to our success and achieving our goals that are linked to certain patterns and practices that we can change. Sometimes we need to explore for ourselves and sometime we need a plan.


At Auctus we help you to change all this so you are able to utilise your strengths and grow from your experiences by providing business coaching and mentoring that supports growth and development strategies to businesses and the people within it.


Coaching and mentoring. What is the difference

Much has been written on this and although there are similarities and sometime they overlap, there is a distinct focus difference.


-You coach tasks and mentor relationships.-

  • Although similar exploration is done from a coach or mentor
  • Coaching involves a plan liked clearly to specific tasks and action and the evaluation of the outcomes of those actions.
  • Coaching is more about distinct results for a clear plan of where you would like to be recognising where you are and having an action plan to get there.
  • A Coach is appointed to help you get to a specific result and generate accountability.
  • Mentoring on the other hand is intended to help the mentee develop the critical thinking skills drawing from the experience that the mentor provides.
  • A Mentor affords you the ability to have contact with someone you aspire to develop similar qualities
  • A Mentor tells a story based often on how they have overcome challenges faced by the mentee and asks questions that will allow their thinking to grow in a direction not previously thought of.
  • Mentors show clear empathy and understanding because their similar experiences give them good insight into their issues.